Norton Setup Installation

So many Antivirus available in the market but to choose one of them is the always confusion. Use Norton to secure your system from malware, viruses and other thefts. Norton setup and Installation are very easy. To install Norton, You will require Norton antivirus software copy and an activation product key. Here we are going to discuss how to install it using a CD-ROM. If you haven't bought a CD yet, you can buy it from any local shop or online selling sites.

To download, Install and activate Norton Antivirus, first check to see if the PC meets all system requirements. Requirements are depended upon the Operating System of your Computer. Let's talk about the basic requirement for Norton installation as per your system OS.

In Windows XP(32-bit), Processor of 300 MHz or more, RAM of 256 MB or More, needed browsers like the Internet Explorer 7.0 or advanced version and Mozilla or Chrome(32 bit), hard disk space of 300 MB and a CD or DVD Drive to install Norton using a CD. In Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows Vista, Process of 1 GHz or More is required. Other Requirements are same as the Windows XP.

Now prepare your system for installation and for it, you have to remove any other antivirus or firewall programs you may have installed earlier on your system. You can remove it by following some steps. In windows 7 or Vista, Go to the Windows Start button and then click on Control Panel. Tick on Add/Remove programs. From the shown list of installed software, click on any other antivirus or firewall program that you need to remove, and then click Uninstall or remove button. And restart your system to complete the uninstallation process.

In Windows 8, click the Winkey and C together to go to Charms bar. Choose the Settings charm from the Charms bar and go to Control panel. Now Click on Programs and click Programs and Features. Select any security software if available in the list and click on Uninstall or Change.

Install and activate Norton AntiVirus

You can install and activate Norton using many methods but here I am discussing some methods: using a CD, a downloaded file or just visit www.norton.com/setup.

Norton Setup Installation from CD:

Insert the CD into your PC's CD-ROM drive, click on check in the box next to Norton Security Software, and go to Next step. Follow all steps one by one and click on install when it prompts. When the installation is finished, you can find and open the Norton Security Software folder on your desktop and also create a shortcut for the desktop icon of Norton.

Norton Setup Installation from Download file:

Find the official web page of Norton and download file. Now double-click on it to start the installation. There is a checked option for Norton community join if you don't want to join, uncheck it. Click on install option and let it install in the default location or you can choose any other location by customize install option. Agree all the terms and conditions and click on continue. Follow the instruction and wait till installation is finished. Now restart your system, you can go to Norton software from the start menu. Open it and click on the active button, add the product pin given to you in confirmation mail from the seller and active Norton Security.

Sometimes, users get some issues while installing the Norton. In such case, they can contact the online Norton services provider to get support. We have also a Norton Support Team and they are always ready to help you in any difficult problem. Contact us using our email id or contact number. We are waiting for you.