5 Best Weather Radar Apps for iOS 2019

Not that long ago, people had to go through the newspaper or listen to the local news on the radio to find out how the weather was going to be. Fortunately, things have become more convenient now. One can check the weather updates from their smartphones. Weather apps tell you all that is to know regarding the weather. Here is a list of best weather apps for iOS.

1- Accuweather

Those who want to know about the weather in detail will appreciate this application as it offers comprehensive weather updates that contain conditions, wind velocity, along with dew points on an hourly basis. This app is loaded with graphics, charts, along with videos based on the area. This app will help you determine what items to pack and how to dress for the coming trip.

2- Dark Sky

Dark Sky is amongst the most precise apps for giving hyperlocal weather updates. It is so precise that it can tell you the exact moment when the raindrops will cease or commence falling. When it comes to the app’s design, this app is unbeatable. Its weather predictions are loaded in a lucid form. Weather details are often complex and heavy, but they are displayed in a neat manner in the app.

3- The Weather Channel

Well, no list of weather apps is complete without the mention of The Weather Channel application. It boasts of the largest number of downloads. This app contains all that you want to find out regarding the weather, for free. You can get forecast two weeks prior, and hourly details of the coming 48 hours. The application offers information on various topics such as temperature, the velocity of wind, thunder, and rain.

4- Weather Underground

Weather Underground is known for displaying correct hyperlocal weather forecasts that are delivered from interactive radar along with satellite mapping. By just glancing at the app screen, you will get to know the present weather conditions. The alerts can be customized, and the new upgrade comes with security improvements. If you love hiking and traveling, then you will love the alerts for the first and final lights.

5- WeatherBug

WeatherBug offers quick notifications and gives dependable and accurate weather forecasts on a real-time basis. It also predicts the weather for up to ten days. The map of the app is highly interactive and comes with sophisticated features. It can also detect lightning and helps you keep yourself safe by giving quick and instant weather alerts.

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Amazing iPad Games for 2019

Turn your eye to these great iPad games if you need some fun in your life. iPad gaming couldn’t be better than how it is now. It is convenient enough to be carried easily. It has a large screen that makes it a deadly combo for gaming forever and always. Some of the best iPad games are given below.

  1. Alto’s Odyssey

This game is designed beautifully. It is a simple yet challenging game that takes the player on a peaceful trip via incredible desert scenery. You will also find a zen mode that wipes away notifications and the game’s user interface. You will be pleased with the art style and the soundtrack. It is a fantastic game totally worth the download. It is identical to the earlier game such as Alto’s Adventure. If you liked the previous one, then you will love this more polished package.

  1. Ticket To Ride

The most refreshing thing regarding this mobile game is that you can take it everywhere you go. Just forget boxes, game pieces at your place and have fun with vintage board games on the iPad.  This game can be played with your family and friends. The primary objective of the game is to construct railways by assimilating coloured cars to affix cities throughout the map. Through each turn, a player can take two cars, spend cars to claim a line or can go for a taking new ticket. The longer the railway is between two cities; they are worthy of more victory points. This game is a fantastic balance between strategy, competition and construction. It is a great party game.

  1. Final Fantasy Tactics: War of Lions

It comes from the legendary developers Square Enix. It has received strong reviews upon release. It has adaptability for mobile phones and tablet devices. It is a tactical turn-based role-playing game. It has a set up of a fictional world of Ivalice. The game follows war between the Kingdom of Ivalice and Ordalia. It has comparability with games such as chess, each of the piece analogous to a party member in Ramza’s present roster of the fighters. Another add-on is a wireless multiplayer mode which is for both co-operative and competitive manner.

  1. Invisible Inc.

This game will give you many pleasant surprises. It is a turn-based stealth game that itself creates levels that are required for reaching the objectives and keeping the enemies at bay. You can easily control10 amazing characters via the treacherous missions. They all have so many personalisation options to ensure that the characters don’t get stale. You may find this gameplay a little complex, you need a few hours of patience and the fun is waiting.

  1. Mini Metro

Has this thought stricken into your mind while travelling around the city that you could design the public transportation finely? Okay, Mini Metro is going to allow you to make a subway system yourself. Mini Metro will provide you many hours of fun.

  1. The Witness

The Witness will prove to be a fantastic choice. Just imagine for once that you get up on a peculiar island where you are unaware of your self-identity. The last resort left with you is to explore the island around.

Stephen Strange is a self-professed security expert; he has been making the people aware of the security threats. His passion is to write about Cybersecurity, cryptography, malware, social engineering, internet and new media. He writes for Norton security products at norton.com/setup.